Safety Statistics
REC Marine Logistics considers safety highest priories. We must conduct all operations safely and prudently, while providing our customers with the finest services and equipment available. To meet that goal, we must all work together to assure our customers that each project undertaken by REC Marine Logistics reflects a commitment to safety, pride in our work, in our reputation, and in ourselves.

In order to ensure the safety of its personnel, REC Marine Logistics adopted a Safety and Environmental Management System program.
The safety procedures and rules contained in this program are intended to be used as guidelines that when used with good common sense, will assist you in carrying our your responsibilities safely.

The responsibility of management lies in the implementation of our safety policy and to provide the leadership and support necessary to develop and maintain a successful safety program with the following objectives:
  • Provide a safe and healthful work environment for all employees as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Compliance with all existing safety and health laws that apply to the work place.
  • Ensure the security, protection and well being of the personnel, property, and vehicles of REC Marine Logistics.
  • Reduce the risk of, and actual, human economic loss resulting from unnecessary personal injury and property damage. 

The success of a safety program requires the full cooperation of each employee and must be considered a vital part of every job in our Company. Therefore, it is each employee's responsibility to perform every job in a safe and reasonable manner.

REC Marine Logistics' policy is to prevent injury to persons, damage to property, as well as to protect the interest of its personnel and that of our customers.

REC Marine Logistics recognized that the key to safety rests with leadership of top management, supervisory responsibility, and full employee participation. This means that management at all levels is primary responsible for safety and security for all persons, equipment, methods, and property under its control. 

Each employee has a personal interest in responsibility in his/her own safety for his/her own protection, the protection of others, and the protection of REC Marine Logistics property from loss or damage. In doing so, he/she must follow all safety regulations and the instructions set forth in our manual. He/She must cooperate with his/her fellow workers and with management in doing all that is possible to identify and correct unsafe conditions, eliminate unsafe practices, and to prevent loss, whatever the source. 

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