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REC Marine Logistics, LLC is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for all of its employees. To accomplish this, the company complies with all occupational health, safety and environmental laws and strive to maintain the best operations, procedures and policies to provide such conditions.

offshore oil rig and boatThe safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment are our company's greatest responsibilities. Every manager is accountable for the safety and health of him/herself, the people and equipment they manage or supervise and the impact they have on the environment. REC Marine Logistics, LLC employees are directed to take a pro-active stance in initiating and maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. The company defines safe operating procedures designed to meet or exceed all legal requirements and industry-wide "Best Operating Practices".

Health, safety and environmental aspects of our operations shall be considered as being equally important as other business objectives. The company actively participates with all clients and other authorities in developing and promoting high industry standards. Management, therefore, must provide the incentive and full support of all safety procedures and training to maintain a healthy, safe, environmentally sound and reliable operation. Management also has the responsibility, through personal example and active involvement of all employees, to create a climate in which everyone has a concern for environmental protection and a strong sense of responsibility for the safety and health of his/her fellow employees.

REC Marine Logistics employees are hired based on the completion of the following company requirements:

  • Personal Interviews.
  • Personal references and work history evaluations.
  • D.O.T. drug and alcohol screen and background inquiry.
  • Medical Screening, to include cervical and lumbar x-rays and baseline audiometrics.
  • Agility exam, based on USCG NVIC 04-08 requirements, to assure mariners can perform the minimum physical duties on board vessels.
  • Offshore safety orientation (SAFEGULF) and Rigger training.
  • Skill specific competency and knowledge verification exam. These exams are designed to test the working knowledge and experience of skilled employees.

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