• We own, operate & manage marine vessels to fit your needs.
  • We're a leading provider of Marine Transportation & Logistics along the Gulf Coast.
  • Big or small, we have the equipment for your job.
  • We provide a variety of equipment for Offshore Services.
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REC Marine Logistics is a full-service Marine Transportation and Logistics company providing offshore vessels and both offshore and inland oil & gas logistics across the Gulf Coast. We strive to provide the highest quality service, by continuous improvement and through the skillfulness of our most valuable asset OUR EMPLOYEES.

Latest News
As you are well aware, the summer months are here, bringing hot and humid weather to our area. This increase in temperature will most definitely affect the working conditions and environment of our employees and co-workers. Heat related incidents can happen rather quickly, ranging from mild in severity to extremely dangerous in minutes.

Our Vessels
Our vessels service both the Offshore & Inshore Oil & Gas Industry, and include supply, mini-supply, crew boats, tugs, barges, and jack-up boats.

Our Services
REC Marine Logistics offers a variety of services, including Rental Equipment to fit your needs.
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